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Alhan Restaurant

Name: Alhan Restaurant
Number: 3185
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
解决方案: 屋顶露台
产品: 可伸缩阳光顶 / 屋顶
Size: 16m x 24m (52' x 78')
Glazing: 16 XL Multicell PC Clear
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A blazing summer sun drifts lazily across Abu Dhabi’s horizon. Its stare forces a stifling forty to fifty degrees on the Alhan restaurant patio. At a whopping four hundred fifty meters squared this space forms over half the restaurants total footage and due to the solar curtain has become near unusable.

Being called to crisis, Libart with the assistance of steel designer and system installer E.F.C.O. has created an extraordinary transformation in this area with its retractable weatherproof enclosure, allowing year around use without taking away from the outdoor feel and comforts which Alhan’s clients expect.  The retractable roof is glazed with reinforced multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, providing 99% ultraviolet radiation protection, excellent insulation for climate control spaces and good solar protection to allow in the optimal amount of sunlight without discomfort to the participants inside the enclosure. Motorized operations allow the roof to retract, creating a 75% opening from a central control unit which also has an automatic close function in case of rain. Due to the new smoking regulations on closed spaces a simple extension wouldn’t have sufficed. With Libart retractable patio roofs, sliding glass side walls, all or part of the patio can be converted into an outdoor area.

Libart’s kinetic architectural solution allowed Alhan owner  Mr. Aldarmaki year round use of this restaurant patio for any occasion which he wishes. It nets him an amazing return for investment for allowing him to place more tables inside his restaurant and net more usage out of each table. The collaboration of entrepreneur and Libart engineers provides the most unique dining experience in all of Abu Dhabi.

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