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Name: Kubatpasa
Number: 1711
Location: Mersin, TR
解决方案: 餐厅 与 咖啡厅
产品: 可伸缩阳光顶 / 屋顶
Size: 14,5m x 20m (47' x 65')
Glazing: 16X mm Solar Control PC
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This amazing historical structure in Tarsus city in Mersin was estimated to be built by the Seljuk Turks sometime in 1557 during its recent restoration they discovered a mosaic thought to be dated back to Grecian times.

It was part of this restoration process that involved Libart stepping in, designing a fully retractable skylight over the main atrium. This opening dome features 8 bays and retracts to allow the atmosphere in and out of the atrium.

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